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Let's look at how to improve your writing and correct mistakes, even if you don't have a proofreader on staff. By mistakes I mean typos, incorrect punctuation, complex sentences, and constructions that clutter up the text: clericalisms, modal verbs, intensifiers, and generalizations.
As an example, I'll take one of the newsletters I wrote for a business school. I check the edited letter in several online services in order to:
Find errors, including those made through inattention.
Make the text concise and easy to understand.
Improve my literacy. The more often you go into the rules and correct mistakes, the less you make them in the future.
The whole process consists of 4 steps. I will describe the algorithm in detail, and at the end show the result before and after. If you are interested in any particular step of text checking, go to it:

Clean up the word garbage.
Improve readability.
Fix typography.
Look for errors in spelling and punctuation.
How to write a working text for an email: a detailed checklist
How to write a working text for an email subscription: detailed checklist
Step 1: Clear the text from verbal trash
First of all let's remove unnecessary words from the text, which do not contain useful information, but only distract the reader from the essence of the message. The best assistant for such cases - service "Glavred.

"Glavred" underlines individual words and phrases that clutter up the letter. Depending on the number of stop words, the text gets a score from 0 to 10. But scores aren't the main thing. What's important is that when you click on the highlighted piece, they explain to you why it's worth fixing and offer replacement options. For those who want a better understanding of this or that topic, there are links to posts by Maxim Ilyakhov, the creator of the service.

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